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Are moving quotes negotiable?

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Relocations can be expensive, so naturally, you want to do everything possible to get the best deal possible. You’ve decluttered, got rid of most of the items you don’t need, and picked a date that isn’t too busy. Most likely, you are now looking for an affordable moving company. After contacting movers, you must be wondering: are moving quotes negotiable? The answer is yes, absolutely. Many factors impact your final moving price. Let’s go through some of them and what you can do to get the best deal possible.

Essentials you should know before negotiating moving quotes

Moving companies can be pretty flexible with their pricing and schedule as long as you know how to approach them. Simply asking local movers DFW trusts for a lower price won’t go anywhere in most cases. You need to know exactly what to ask for and show some flexibility on your end. You might try asking them if the quote is negotiable. But other than that, you can’t go very far without some details and flexibility on your side.

person thinking are moving quotes negotiable while drinking tea
You can successfully negotiate a moving quote if you know exactly what you are dealing with

The exact details of your move

One of the first steps in getting an accurate moving estimate and negotiating it is knowing all the details about your move. That includes the number of items you have, your moving date, and your final destination. Residential movers DFW can’t lower a price if they are not sure what they are dealing with.

  • Getting rid of some items or combining smaller items into one box might gain you a better price.
  • Moving date flexibility is one of the easiest ways to lower your price when negotiating moving quotes. When you are asking, “are moving quotes negotiable” also ask whether the cost would be lower on a different date.
  • Your destination plays a significant role in the final price. And while you can’t change your destination, you can ask whether some deals are available for long-distance moves.

The services you’ll need before you start negotiating moving quotes

Another important aspect of your upcoming relocation is the services you will need. So before you ask if moving estimates are negotiable, ensure you know everything your move requires. Because that’s the best way to give yourself the most bargaining power.

Both residential and commercial movers DFW offer a wide range of moving services that cover everything you might need during your relocation. But do you need all those services? The packing service is terrific, and adding it to your moving contract saves plenty of time. But do you need it? If you have the time and energy to pack by yourself, tell the moving company that you will pack on your own. This way you will lower the cost of your move. Moreover, some moving companies don’t include special services or additional costs in their estimate. So make sure you know the services you need before you start negotiating.

Moving boxes in the room
Knowing the details of the move will allow you to negotiate better

Know who you are working with before asking whether moving quotes are negotiable

Knowing a moving company is essential before you start negotiating with it. First, make sure that the company is legit. You don’t want to be wasting your time with unlicensed movers. Secondly, ensure you work with a moving company, not a broker. Brokers generally charge a little extra and are less likely to negotiate on the price. Moving companies like Maximus Moving & Delivery, on the other hand, handle the job themselves. So there’s always a little room for improvement regarding the price.

How to negotiate moving quotes with the moving companies?

The art of negotiation is not something you can learn overnight. It’s something that you need to develop over years and years. But still, even if you don’t know whether moving quotes are negotiable, you can pull off at least a little discount for your move. You need to be methodical and approach this like buying a car.

What is negotiable and what isn’t when it comes to moving quotes?

Like with anything else, some items are negotiable, while some aren’t. Every moving company has its own set of internal rules. If you were to have any chance of getting that discount, you need to know what is negotiable and what isn’t.

  • Focus on negotiating a better price for a different moving date or time
  • Ask a moving company for a smaller crew
  • Offer to refer them or tell them that you got referred by their previous customers
  • Check out their website for any deals or offers they might currently have

Just asking them are moving quotes are negotiable isn’t likely to get you anywhere. Likewise, there are some things that movers can’t negotiate on. For example, you can’t get them to transport something prohibited, no matter how much you pay. Also, don’t ask them to transport you and your family with your belongings since it’s not permitted.

couple packing their belonings
Are moving quotes negotiable? Yes, but you can get a better deal if you pack yourself!

Check the competition before negotiating

This is a bonus tip that might get you a pretty sweet discount. Instead of getting in touch with just a single moving company, contact a few of them. Most moving companies offer free moving quotes these days, so make use of it. Just make sure that you are contacting legit moving companies. Make sure you can find them on websites like Better Business Bureau or Yelp. Then, after you get multiple estimates, mention to your moving company that their competition offered a better price. This is one of the best tools at your disposal. Most likely, your chosen company will be able to match that price.

So are moving quotes negotiable or not?

Moving is not straightforward most of the time. That’s precisely why moving companies don’t offer flat prices. There are simply too many variables involved. But you can use that to your advantage to get the best deal possible. So, don’t just ask yourself: are moving quotes negotiable? Arm yourself with knowledge, tactics, and information, call your chosen movers and get the best moving deal possible.

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