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Benefits of living in suburbs while working in Fort Worth

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The dream of an idyllic suburban life with the professional pulse of a bustling city isn’t just a fantasy. With the right guidance from your trusted Fort Worth moving company, you could be living in suburbs while working in Fort Worth, experiencing the best of both worlds. In this post, we’ll highlight why this lifestyle could be your best move yet, and delve into the attractive qualities of several suburban havens.

The Allure of Working in Fort Worth

Fort Worth, often overshadowed by its larger neighbor Dallas, has slowly emerged as an economic powerhouse in its own right. With a median household income of approximately $67,927, it presents a viable option for those seeking stability in their career paths. However, it isn’t just about income; Fort Worth has a diverse economic landscape that caters to various professional profiles.

Major industries in Fort Worth include aviation, healthcare, and technology, among others. Aviation giants like Lockheed Martin and Bell Helicopter have significant operations in the city, providing ample employment opportunities for engineers and other related professions. In healthcare, the city’s vast hospital network is a massive employer. Major health networks such as Texas Health Resources and Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center Fort Worth provide jobs for thousands of healthcare professionals. On the other hand, the thriving technology sector, driven by companies like IBM and Oracle, attracts a spectrum of tech-savvy professionals. This diversity of industries makes Fort Worth an attractive hub for many.

Picture of a person living in suburbs while working in Fort Worth
Fort Worth is a hotspot for those looking to excel in their careers

Lower Costs of Living are More Attractive Then Ever

Moreover, Fort Worth also boasts a lower cost of living compared to other major cities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the city’s cost of living is approximately 2.3% below the national average. This advantageous economic climate doesn’t just apply to single individuals. Families, too, find that their dollar stretches further here. Even the residential movers DFW can attest to the increasing number of families making their way to Fort Worth for these economic benefits.

However, while Fort Worth’s professional opportunities are undeniably appealing, the city’s fast-paced lifestyle may not be for everyone. Consequently, many professionals have found the perfect balance by choosing to live in suburbs while working in Fort Worth. This lifestyle choice allows them to enjoy the quiet, secure, and spacious suburban environment while still capitalizing on the city’s thriving job market. These suburban locales are not just random selections on the map; they are carefully picked havens with their own unique charm and appeal.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Suburbs in Fort Worth?

Fort Worth is one of the most popular cities in Texas, so it has many suburbs and neighborhoods to choose from. But today, we will highlight a few that are in the spotlight for those who want to experience the best of both worlds. Some of the best suburbs in this area are:

  1. Euless
  2. Keller
  3. Roanoke
  4. Saginaw
  5. Hurst
Picture of a couple holding a miniature house
Great suburbs surround Fort Worth

Living in Euless, TX: A Suburban Gem while Working in Fort Worth

Transitioning from city life to suburban living could be a dream come true, especially when you pick a gem like Euless. Nestled between Dallas and Fort Worth, Euless provides an appealing blend of suburban charm and urban proximity. For those living in suburbs while working in Fort Worth, Euless is just a 25-minute drive away, making the daily commute manageable. Moreover, Euless is more than just a well-located suburb. The median home value, according to Niche, is around $235,100, offering more space for your buck compared to Fort Worth’s city center. This affordability, coupled with variety, from townhouses to single-family homes, makes Euless a top choice for those thinking about hiring movers Euless TX.

When it comes to education, Euless doesn’t compromise. The city’s schools fall under the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District, known for its high academic standards. Besides, with parks, a thriving community center, and a host of local eateries, there’s always something to do in Euless, fulfilling the promise of suburban life without the monotony.

The Allure of Keller, TX, for Those Living in Suburbs While Working in Fort Worth

On the other hand, there’s Keller, another captivating choice for those choosing suburban life. Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Keller is just a 30-minute commute to Fort Worth, making it a viable choice for those wanting to live in suburbs while working in Fort Worth. Keller presents an appealing package with its semi-rural atmosphere and top-rated schools. The city’s median home value, according to Niche, hovers around $425,100, somewhat higher than Euless, reflecting its larger homes and expansive lots.

Our movers Keller TX often report that families love Keller for its spacious properties and a sense of community that’s harder to find in the city. Additionally, Keller Independent School District is recognized for its high-quality education, making the city a prime choice for families. Aside from education, Keller hosts an array of dining options and recreational facilities, like the Keller Pointe, a family-friendly aquatic and fitness center, adding to the suburb’s appeal.

Picture of a house
The housing prices are higher due to the larger size of the homes

Roanoke, TX: A Suburban Haven for Those Living in Suburbs While Working in Fort Worth

Just north of Fort Worth, the suburb of Roanoke has its own unique allure. For those living in suburbs while working in Fort Worth, it offers an easy 30-minute commute, a notable convenience. The town, also known as “The Unique Dining Capital of Texas”, is more than just its strategic location. The median home value in Roanoke is around $335,000. This means you can expect a variety of housing options, from charming cottages to more modern homes. In addition, the city’s special events, like the Roanoke Roundup and Celebrate Roanoke, draw residents together and foster a strong sense of community. These qualities make Roanoke a delightful suburban choice for anyone working in Fort Worth, as our team of movers Roanoke TX can attest.

Roanoke’s Northwest Independent School District is celebrated for its commitment to student success, making it an appealing choice for families. But Roanoke’s charm doesn’t end with education. Its vibrant dining scene, with over 50 unique restaurants, offers impressive culinary diversity. Whether it’s the appeal of unique dining experiences, high-quality education, or a strong sense of community, Roanoke indeed offers a satisfying suburban lifestyle while being conveniently close to Fort Worth.

Saginaw, TX: A Welcoming Suburb for Those Living in Suburbs While Working in Fort Worth

Saginaw, located just 15 minutes from downtown Fort Worth, is a popular choice for individuals and families seeking a suburban lifestyle. This proximity makes it a haven for those living in suburbs while working in Fort Worth, ensuring a short and sweet commute. Educationally, Saginaw is served by the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District, known for its solid academic programs and dedication to student achievement. Outside of the classrooms, residents have access to an array of parks and recreational activities that contribute to the city’s community-focused atmosphere.

The median home value in Saginaw is approximately $206,400, according to Niche, making it an affordable option for first-time homeowners or families looking for more space. Housing styles range from cozy single-family homes to spacious townhouses, presenting a diverse selection to match various preferences and budgets. Moreover, Saginaw’s variety of local dining options and close-knit community events, such as the popular Saginaw Spring Extravaganza, make it a warm and inviting suburb. As the movers Saginaw TX frequently highlight, the welcoming community is one of the suburb’s standout features.

Why Choose Hurst, TX when Living in Suburbs While Working in Fort Worth

Suburb selection can be a game-changer, especially when the choice is Hurst, Texas. Conveniently positioned between Dallas and Fort Worth, Hurst ensures a simple 20-minute commute to the latter, a definite advantage for those living in suburbs while working in Fort Worth. Furthermore, Hurst exhibits a solid housing market with a median home value of about $222,800. From quaint cottages to expansive ranch-style homes, the housing options are varied and affordable, making Hurst a hotspot. Our movers Hurst TX have their hands full all the time, so make sure to schedule a date on time!

On top of this, Hurst’s school district, the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District, maintains a reputation for educational excellence, making the city a sensible pick for families. The city’s plentiful parks, recreation centers, and shopping venues, such as the North East Mall, add to the appeal of this suburb.

Picture of a family enjoying living in suburbs while working in Fort Worth
The schools in this suburb are great, which is good for families with kids

Transitioning to Suburban Life in DFW: Practical Tips

Adapting to suburban life in the Dallas-Fort Worth area comes with its own unique considerations, but with the right preparation, the transition can be smooth and enjoyable. Firstly, familiarize yourself with the transportation options available. While most residents drive, the DFW area also has a substantial public transportation system, including the Trinity Railway Express and DART services, which connect various suburbs to Fort Worth and Dallas. Check their schedules and routes to determine if they can make your commute easier and perhaps offer a stress-free alternative to driving during peak hours.

Secondly, take the time to explore the local amenities in your chosen suburb. Each town has its unique charm and features. From Euless’s thriving community center to Keller’s family-friendly fitness center, understanding what your suburb has to offer can enhance your lifestyle and sense of belonging. Thirdly, DFW is known for its hot summers. So, consider how your new home can help you stay cool. Does it have efficient air conditioning? Is there a community pool or a shaded park nearby? These might seem like small details, but they can significantly impact your comfort.

DFW is Full of Entertainment

Next, connect with local residents or join community forums online to get a sense of your new neighborhood. You can gain insights into everything from the best schools and local events to which HVAC service is the most reliable.

Additionally, while Dallas and Fort Worth offer ample entertainment, don’t overlook what’s happening in your backyard. The suburbs host various events, like Roanoke’s unique dining experience or the earlier mentioned Saginaw’s Spring Extravaganza. Participating in these events can help you connect with your new community and feel at home more quickly. Finally, when it comes to moving, choose a reliable moving service that’s familiar with the DFW area, like us, your trusted local movers DFW. We understand the local environment, traffic patterns, and the best times to move.

Making Your Commute Easier: A Guide

While living in suburbs while working in Fort Worth has its many advantages, the daily commute can sometimes feel challenging. However, with a few strategic steps, you can make your commute significantly smoother and more enjoyable. Begin by exploring all the available transportation options. In the DFW area, along with driving, there are public transport facilities like the Trinity Railway Express and DART services, which we already mentioned. Using these services can often mean bypassing peak-hour traffic, and it also gives you some extra downtime to read, work, or relax.

Next, consider adjusting your work hours, if possible. Starting your workday a little earlier or later can help you avoid the rush hours, shortening your commute time. Remote working options, if available, can also provide relief from daily travel. Another key aspect is staying informed about the road conditions. Apps like Waze or Google Maps can provide real-time traffic updates and suggest quicker routes. You can also tune into local radio stations for traffic news.

Lastly, carpooling can be a sustainable and cost-effective alternative. Not only does it reduce the number of cars on the road, but it can also make your commute more social and enjoyable. Implementing these tips can help transform your commute from a chore into a more pleasant experience.

Picture of a person waiting in a subway station
Living in suburbs while working in Fort Worth can only be a problem because of the commute

Final Thoughts

As you can see, living in suburbs while working in Fort Worth is possible. And not only is it doable, but it can also be enjoyable. By hiring reputable movers, you will greatly diminish moving stress, which will greatly impact everything else. And with the uncertain situation in the world today, being in the suburb offers more freedom and a sense of stability.

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