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Level Up Your Move

You could be on floor 1 or 41—regardless, it’s our mission to get you into your new place with ease. No need to bother with the heavy boxes up countless flights of stairs. When you bring in Maximus Moving & Delivery, all your things are sure to make it into your home without you lifting a finger. Our workers have learned how to operate in confined spaces while being courteous to the other apartment residents nearby, and throughout your moving process, we’ll be able to make everyone happy. You won’t need to overexert yourself, and your neighbors, both old and new, will not be bothered. Stop looking now and call your Fort Worth Apartment Movers.

The Big Picture

With Maximus Moving & Delivery you are met with highly motivated and dedicated movers that are ready to help you at a moment’s notice. Prior to beginning the job for you, our staff will help you answer and address any questions or concerns you have about the apartment relocation process with us, and from there, all you have to do it book us! Then, you get to sit back and relax, letting our trained professional movers do the grunt work for you. Want to get to know the team better? Our website also has a page dedicated to introducing you to our movers and the company’s three owners.

When your move in day arrives, our team will arrive in our company vehicle, equipped with all the packaging resources you will need to make this move possible. Our team will do a thorough inspection of the place, including a walkthrough and observation of your apartment’s standing condition before we remove your things from it. All legalities surrounding contracts for the apartment will be the first task for you and our movers to handle before moving forward and prepping your apartment for your departure. This specifically includes signing any documents or contracts required for us to move forward such as lease agreements and employment contracts.

To safeguard you from any fees that can be racked up from accidental damages, our first order of business will be to protect your place from taking any hits. This process consists of wrapping and/or covering entryways as well as certain areas along your walls and floors. No measure we go to is too far in concerns of safety—we want to make sure you leave your leasing office and complex on good terms!

Once the physical building itself is prepped and protected, we then make the conscious effort to surround your furniture. If any of your items need to be disassembled, they will be put back together at the new place, and each separate piece will be treated with the same sensitivity and care as any whole furniture items would by our movers. Any way that we can ensure that your belongings and bigger items arrive to your new place safely will be observed and utilized (particularly the use of shrink wrap, quilted pads, and bands). Additionally, our movers will make use of all the space our trucks can occupy, reducing any risks of item separation.

Lastly, once our team enters into your new space, we’ll assume all safety measures previously explained in the paragraphs above when beginning the unloading and reassembly processes. We set an emphasis on making your move one that is consciousness not only to you, but also to apartment residents around you. Our movers will go the extra mile to make sure all your belongings arrive securely at your new spot as well as set up in the manner you request of us. Hire us as your apartment mover in Fort Worth.

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