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How to unpack like a pro

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Once you have finally moved into your new home, it is time to unpack! Just like packing, this is the least favorite thing of many people. But it needs to be done. Whether you are going to unpack by yourself or you are going to let your dependable residential movers DFW trusts take care of this, you should learn how to unpack like a pro. With our tips and tricks, you will be ready to unpack your prized possessions. So let’s get started!

The way you pack will affect how you unpack

Unpacking can be even more stressful than packing and preparing for the move. That is why you should think about some things in advance. Many people just pack things randomly before the relocation starts, and when the unpacking comes, they don’t know what is packed where and which box goes into which room. To avoid this, it is important to pack efficiently :

  • pack similar things together
  • label each box
  • pack essentials box
  • pack the things you use the least first and leave the most used items for the end
  • pack room by room
couple surrounded with boxes dancing
Pack well, and you will unpack easily!

These are the tips you should follow if you are moving by yourself. However, if you have booked the packing services DFW has to offer, you will not have to worry about packing. Professional movers know how to pack. However, telling them which items you will need as soon as you arrive will help them pack things the way you want. Moreover, you should let your movers know if there are any fragile items so they can be extra careful when packing and unpacking them!

Prepare your home for unpacking

Before all your belongings arrive, you should prepare your new home. Clean the entire home so you can immediately start unpacking and putting everything in its place. If you have moved into an apartment, bringing everything from the truck to your place can be tricky because of the narrow hallways, stairs, and elevators. In this case, hiring the best DFW apartment movers is a smart choice. Professional movers often offer to handle the unpacking too, but it is up to you if you want help or do it yourself.

After you clean your home, the next step is to unpack essentials and perishables. If you have some food or cosmetics that should not stay in the boxes for too long, unpack them as soon as you arrive. You should immediately unpack the necessary items and prepare a place to sleep. If you don’t rest well, you will not have the energy to unpack and continue with all your activities in your new city. Unpack glasses, silverware, dishes, and maybe small appliances you will need in the first days. Prepare the bathroom and load it with toiletries and fresh towels.

Parents unpacking the kitchen while the kid is playing in the box
After you unpack the essentials, start with the kitchen.

Think about unpacking in the very beginning and pack related things together. When you arrive at your new home, sort boxes by room. Do not put everything in the middle of the house. It will make unpacking easier.

Unpack room by room

Once you have sorted boxes by the room where they belong, you can start unpacking room by room. To stay on track and unpack like a pro, consider making a checklist. Make a plan for which room you want to set up first and last. As soon as you take something out of the box, put it in its designated place. Don’t just take things out of the boxes and leave them in the middle of the room. This will create unnecessary clutter in your home.

Our advice to you is to start with the kitchen. After you unpack one part of your boxes, you might get hungry, so you want your kitchen to be all set up and ready to use. On your first day, you can order something. But after that, you will enjoy a home-cooked meal.

Don’t do it all at once

Unpacking is not a competition, so you do not have to do it all at once. Not all the rooms should be ready in one day. Go step by step. If you need help, you should consider hiring movers who can provide you with the moving services DFW residents recommend the most. Among these services, you will be able to find unpacking services. This way, if you don’t have time to unpack everything, you can rely on professionals to do that for you.

a couple reading about how to unpack like a pro
Make an unpacking checklist to help you unpack like a pro!

Make sure your kids and pets are taken care of

You should know that unpacking can be time-consuming, and you must dedicate much of your free time. Therefore, if you have pets, leaving them with a trusted friend may be easier until you finish the unpacking process. Or you can hire a dog sitter for a few days. The same thing is with children. Moving can be very stressful for them. You will be stressed too if you have to take care of children and unpack at the same time. So, if possible, you can have them watched by your most trusted family member or a friend. This way, you can focus on unpacking, allowing you to finish this task much faster! 

Are you ready to unpack like a pro?

If you want to be efficient and unpack like a pro, be well prepared. Make a list of items that go together, which box goes where, and decide how you want to decorate your next space in advance. When you know how you want to decorate your home, you will know exactly where to put each item. You will save a lot of time by doing this! Whether you have movers to help you or do it yourself, creating an unpacking plan is the best way to complete unpacking successfully. 


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