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Moving From Arlington to Burleson – All You Need to Know

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It is a fact that moving can oftentimes be a difficult and time-consuming task. However, what the majority of people don’t realize is that relocations might seem a breeze. If you have the right partners on your side, you will never have to worry about anything. Whether you are having a quick local relocation or are undertaking something much bigger, the chances are high that you will need a helping hand. When moving from Arlington to Burleson, one of the best DFW movers can assist you in handling your move. These experts are trained to provide top-notch services that will never disappoint you. Before getting in touch with them, it is the right time to learn more about Arlington and Burleson. Moreover, you will learn whether it is worth leaving Arlington and relocating to Burleson.

Learn More About Burleson

Burleson is a city located in the north-central region of Texas. It is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. This city is situated around 15 miles south of Downtown Fort Worth. Moreover, Burleson has a population of over 50,000 people. It has a rich history, and visitors can learn about it at the Burleson Heritage Foundation Museum. Furthermore, the city offers a mix of suburban and rural living. It is also known for its high-quality schools, safe neighborhoods, and community events. If you are considering a move from Arlington to Burleson, consider getting in touch with movers Arlington TX offers and have the relocation of your dreams. Also, read this post and get more information about the moving process.

Texas at night
Burleson is a popular destination for people who decide to leave Arlington.

Burleson is a popular destination for people moving from Arlington for several reasons. To begin with, the city offers a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere than Arlington, which can be busy and congested at times. Many people find its suburban feel with the small-town charm appealing. Secondly, Burleson has a lower cost of living compared to Arlington. This makes it an attractive option for those looking for more affordable housing options. Furthermore, Burleson has excellent schools, making it a great place for families with children. Last but not least, Burleson has a growing downtown area with plenty of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options. If you are thinking about moving from Arlington to Burleson, make sure to consider the following factors.

  1. Burleson and its neighborhoods
  2. Comparison of living costs between Arlington and Burleson                  
  3. Best ways to get from Arlington to Burleson
  4. Packing and moving tips for the trip
  5. Must-visit attractions and activities in Burleson

1. Burleson and Its Neighborhoods

The city of Burleson is divided into several neighborhoods, each with its unique characteristics and features. Before moving, make sure to take this overview of some of the popular neighborhoods in Burleson into account.

  • Old Town Burleson
  • Willow Creek Ranch
  • Hidden Creek Estates
  • Mistletoe Hill

Old Town Burleson

Old Town Burleson is the historic downtown area of Burleson and is home to many small businesses, restaurants, and shops. It is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Moreover, it hosts several community events throughout the year.

Willow Creek Ranch

Willow Creek Ranch is a gated community in the southeastern part of Burleson. People know it for its large luxury homes and equestrian facilities. Therefore, it is a popular destination for horse enthusiasts.

Hidden Creek Estates

Residents know Hidden Creek Estates as a small residential neighborhood with large, custom-built homes. Moreover, it has a secluded feel and is popular because of its proximity to the Hidden Creek Golf Course.

Mistletoe Hill

This newer residential neighborhood in Burleson is famous for its modern homes and family-friendly atmosphere. Mistletoe Hill is close to several schools, parks, and shopping centers, making it a convenient place to live. If you’d like to move from Arlington to Burleson with your family, hiring residential movers DFW area boasts will be a perfect choice. Not only will it save you time, but also you might find yourself enjoying the relocation to Mistletoe Hill.

a woman thinking about moving from Arlington to Burleson
Take the comparison of the cost of living between Arlington and Burleson into account when moving from Arlington to Burleson.

2. Consider the Cost of Living When Moving From Arlington to Burleson

Regarding living costs, Burleson tends to be more affordable than Arlington. Before making the final decision, consider housing, rent, utilities, transportation, and food. To begin with, the median home value in Burleson is around $236,000, while it is around $250,000 in Arlington. On the other hand, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Burleson is around $1,000 per month, while in Arlington, it is $1,200. Moreover, utilities such as gas, electricity, and water tend to be slightly cheaper in Burleson compared to Arlington. When it comes to transportation and food, both cities have similar costs.

3. How to Get From Arlington to Burleson

Depending on your preferences and budget, there are several ways to get from Arlington to Burleson. The most convenient means of transportation is a car. It takes 20-25 minutes to get from Arlington to Burleson by car, depending on traffic. When it comes to public transportation, the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA) operates several bus routes that connect Burleson and Arlington. The bus trip will take about one hour and 15 minutes. Taxis are also available in both cities, providing a more traditional transportation option.

4. Packing and Moving Tips

Relocating can be stressful and overwhelming, but with some planning and preparation, you can make it more manageable. One of the most important tips when moving from Arlington to Burleson is to pack as soon as possible. It would be ideal to start packing a few weeks before the move. This will give you plenty of time to pack everything without feeling rushed. Moreover, label each box with the room it belongs to. You can also include a brief description of its contents. Also, consider hiring professional movers Burleson TX has to help you with packing, loading, and keeping your belongings safe.

5. Don’t Miss These Attractions and Activities in Burleson

Many places in Burleson are worth visiting. For instance, explore the historic downtown of Burleson, home to antique shops, boutiques, and restaurants. You can stroll down Main Street and admire the architecture of the historic buildings. Moreover, the Hidden Creek Golf Course offers golf enthusiasts a challenging and enjoyable experience. Furthermore, Burleson Farmers Market is open every Saturday and offers fresh produce and handmade crafts. Whether you are interested in history, sports, art, or nature, there is something to pique your interest.

a man in an art gallery thinking about moving from Arlington to Burleson
When you are done moving, explore all the attractions Burleson offers.

Burleson Is Calling!

When moving from Arlington to the city of Burleson, consider the cost of living, transportation, moving tips, and must-visit attractions and things to do in Burleson. Moving from Arlington to Burleson can be an exciting and stress-free experience with the proper preparation and information. If you want a smooth and easy move, hire a reliable and experienced moving company to help you relocate from Arlington to Burleson and enjoy all this city offers.

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