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Moving From Hurst to Burleson – How to Prepare

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For moving from Hurst to Burleson, you will need about half an hour’s drive, following the I-35W N route. So, the distance between those two cities is not so big. But, if you want your move to succeed, you must prepare properly. This means you will have to find reliable moving companies DWF area has. You will also need to prepare a good and detailed moving plan. It will help you to better organize the preparation process. Also, the moving plan will be your checklist, as you can follow how much has been done. And it will show you what else you have to complete before the arrival of the movers.

Prepare a Detailed Plan For Moving From Hurst to Burleson

For many people, drafting a moving plan is a waste of time. Especially if they are moving short distances. But, soon after they start with preparations, they realize that a moving plan saves them time. It also helps them be better organized.

Woman showing her phone to the man while sitting on the floor and packing for moving from Hurst to Burleson
The moving plan will help you be better organized and complete packing promptly.

Drafting a plan for moving from Hurst to Burleson

Creating a moving plan is not complicated. All you’ll need are a pen, paper, and patience. Instead of paper, you can also make the moving agenda on your cellphone. So, all you should do is put down the tasks that must be completed before the moving day. It looks simple, and it is. With some concentration and following the proposal suggested by movers Hurst TX residents trust, you will create it easily. Your moving plan will remind you about the following:

  • Hiring reliable movers
  • Relocation date
  • Decluttering
  • Making an inventory of the things you are moving (that way, you will know how many packing supplies to buy)
  • Getting packing supplies by purchasing them or getting them for free (for example, taking cardboard boxes from a nearby store)
  • Defining packing procedure (what room and items to pack first)
  • Packing the essentials bag
  • Drafting a moving budget
  • Sorting out utility issues
  • Completing all admin tasks (such as address change, transfer of medical records, etc.)


After choosing a reliable mover and agreeing on the moving date, you should start with the preparations. And the first thing you should do is declutter. After all, paying transportation costs for broken items or not matching your new home would be pointless. The same is with clothes and footwear—all the surplus items you can sell, donate, or toss away. 

A woman taking notes while working on a laptop.
A good plan will help you to organize your move better.

Making an Inventory

This is also an important step in the preparation process. Based on the number of possessions, the DFW apartment movers will provide the moving estimate. Also, it will show you how many packing supplies you will need.

Getting the Packing Supplies

When it comes to packing supplies, you can buy all of them. Or, you can minimize the moving costs by getting some boxes for free. Usually, you can find them in shops. But make sure that they are in good condition. And that they are clean. You can check some online platforms for the rest of the packing material. Many people are selling surplus moving items. The good news is that they are much cheaper than those from the specialized shops.


This is the step that usually takes the most time. So, start packing your possessions well before the moving date. Also, you can ask relatives and friends to help you. However, make sure to explain to them which room to pack first. Also, explain to them how the various items should be packed. Of course. unless they were also moving before; in that case, they will know all the packing rules and tricks.

Preparing the Moving Budget

Although you are moving a short distance, ensure you have enough funds to finance the move. So, calculate all the costs, starting from the cost estimation. Add up the other expenses to that figure, and you will know how much money you will have to prepare for relocation. Don’t forget to add up 10% contingency fund to the budget.

Administrative Tasks

Make sure to complete them all before the moving date. Apply for the address change. Inform all relevant bodies about your move. Also, agree about the transfer of the medical records and school records, in case you have kids. Also, don’t forget to give a call to utility providers, both in Hurst and Burleson.

A woman talking on the phone and using a laptop while her child is playing on the grass
Contact your utility providers in both cities after moving from Hurst to Burleson.

Learning About the Differences Between Hurst and Burleson

Getting to know differences is also a part of the preparation process. So, we can see that the living costs between Hurst and Burleson don’t differ too much. Overall, Burleson is 1,6% cheaper than Hurst. But the difference mainly reflects the difference in median home costs. To buy a home in Hurst, you will need $280,700. The same type and size home in Burleson would cost you $257,400. We can see only slight differences in the other costs, such as food, groceries, transportation, healthcare, and utilities.

What Else Should You Know Before Moving to Burleson?

Same as Hurt, Burleson is a suburb of Fort Worth. Even the number of residents is similar. Hurst is home to 40,114 people, and Burleson has 47,230 residents. In both cities, the majority of people own their homes. However, while the median household income in Hurst is $67,063, in Burleson, it reaches $84,373. So, with lower housing prices and higher income, you can purchase your own home. And, you can start checking the real estate market as soon as movers Burleson TX locals rely on bring you to your new city. Or before, it’s up to you!

Get To Know Your New City

We can see that preparing for a move is not so hard. You only have to organize yourself well, which you can do by making a detailed plan for moving from Hurst to Burleson. Part of your preparation should also be comparing the two cities and seeing what differences you expect. And you should also find some time to learn more about your new city. That way, you will know whom to contact, how to look for a new job, and which schools are best in the area.



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