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Moving to Weatherford: The Ultimate Moving Guide

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Whether you’re moving due to a new employment opportunity or enjoy changing things up, we’re here to give you all the information you need to know about your move to Weatherford. Whatever your motivation, we are confident that you will appreciate this change. To help you feel at rest, you might as well consider working with professional movers Weatherford TX residents are proud of. There are many things to consider while choosing the cities perfect for your personality, level of achievement in life, and personal preferences. These include the environment, cost of living, neighborhood, employment prospects, population demographics, and available leisure activities. Moving to Weatherford will not be an issue, as there are a lot of pros to living there. Complete moving guidance you can find in this article.

8 Things to Consider When Moving to Waterford

The town bears William Weatherford’s name and was established in 1854. Many well-known cowboys lived at Weatherford, a stop on the Chisholm Trail, including Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson. The Parker County Courthouse, Weatherford College, and Historic Stockyards Museum are currently located in the town. All this history and more can be enjoyed if you relocate to Weatherford, Texas. There are many possibilities for people of all ages if you’re seeking things to do in Weatherford, Texas. The town has a lot of history to discover because it is home to Weatherford College, the Parker County Courthouse, and the Historic Stockyards Museum. The town also offers a variety of stores, eateries, and parks for your enjoyment. In Weatherford, Texas, there is something for everyone to do, from antique shopping to relaxing at a neighborhood coffee shop.

Books on a table.
In this guide to moving to Weatherford, you’ll be able to learn many things about this historically relevant place.


A little city in Texas called Weatherford is situated in Parker County. Over the past five years, Weatherford has seen a massive increase in residents. One of the cities in the country with the quickest growth rates is this one. The population growth rate is 5.4% over the previous year and 20.2% over the previous five years. With a 2023 population of 32,534, it is the 111th largest city in Texas and the 1412th largest city in the United States. Weatherford offers a suburban vibe, which may be appealing to families seeking more room than larger cities can offer.

The city is also diverse. There are several cultures and religions present. Residents should feel welcome wherever in Weatherford. A city meeting all these criteria is a great location to live. Residential movers DFW area offers can help you for moving to Weatherford if this is a town for you. When it comes to ethnicities, here is the situation:

Ethnicities in Weatherford, TX


There are a lot of young individuals and those who want to grow families in the city. The average age in the city is roughly 37. The average household size, including kids and parents, is 3.3 people. Weatherford ranked 2009, above the national average for diversity, and 76, above the state average, in terms of both nationality and diversity.

There are a couple of reasons why the city’s demographic is important. Knowing the average resident’s age, income, and level of education might assist firms in choosing where to base their operations. They may also gain insight into the kinds of goods or services in demand. Demographics can affect how government authorities plan new infrastructure projects and create budgets. And for those moving on their own, it might be useful to be aware of a city’s demographics because it can help you anticipate your neighbors and the general vibe of the neighborhood. You can check the piano movers DFW has if you need help with the relocation, and have this kind of load that needs to be moved.

Demographics can, of course, also have certain disadvantages. It can be difficult to provide sufficient services and amenities in a city where most of the population belongs to a single age group or income bracket. Also, it may be challenging for locals to keep up with the shifting requirements of the neighborhood if a city’s demographics change quickly. Yet, both individuals and corporations should be aware of a city’s demographics.


Weatherford experiences hot, humid summers, and chilly, windy winters, with seasonal partial cloudiness. The average annual temperature ranges from 35 to 96 ℉, rarely falling below 23 or rising over 102. The greatest time of year to visit Weatherford for hot-weather activities is from early June to early September, according to the beach/pool score. With an average of 10.5 days, May is the month in Weatherford with the most rain-only days.

Rainy street with beautiful nature
You can find pleasure in the four unique seasons, which include warm summers and lovely winters.

From June 4 to September 16, the hot season, which has an average daily high temperature exceeding 88°F, lasts for 3.4 months. With an average high temperature of 95°F and a low temperature of 74°F, July is the hottest month in Weatherford. From November 25 to February 24, the chilly season, which has an average daily high temperature below 64°F, lasts for 3.0 months. Weatherford experiences its coldest month of the year in January, with an average low of 35°F and high of 57°F. Rainy days can be divided into three categories: those with only rain, those with only snow, and those with both. If the climate suits you, we encourage you to begin your new life as quickly as possible and ensure that your family will enjoy it here. To actually do so, engage companies providing moving services DFW area relies on.

Housing Costs

The average house in Weatherford is now worth $475,000. However, most people rent. In Weatherford, an apartment costs, on average, $2,034 a month. Here are more details about how much you would need to pay on average to rent a place based on its size:

Housing costs in Weatherford, TX

Costs of Living

Compared to many other areas of Texas, Weatherford seems to have a low cost of living. Weatherford, Texas, can be the spot for you if you’re looking for a more affordable place to stay. You won’t need to spend a lot of money to have fun because the town has a variety of stores, eateries, and parks for you to enjoy.

Housing costs in Weatherford are 29% less expensive than the national average, and utility costs are 1% less expensive. Gas prices and other transportation costs are 3% less than the national average. Here is a more detailed insight into how much life would cost annually for an average family of 4:

Living costs you'll encounter after moving to Weatherford, TX

If this is acceptable to you, you should definitely hire local movers DFW area provides and start packing.


The ranking for education and the schools in Weatherford is “C+,” which is regarded as reasonably good on a state and national level. This region boasts high enrollment rates, favorable teacher-to-student ratios, and high graduation rates at most educational levels. The ratings are designed to make school districts and parents more aware of their district’s academic performance. A “C+” ranking indicates that a district’s performance in terms of student success, academic advancement, and bridging achievement disparities is average or below average. Some school systems are improving and moving in the right direction.

Don’t worry if your child attends a school in the Weatherford district. Your child will probably get an excellent education because the school system still performs higher than the state average. Yet, being involved in your child’s education and communicating with the school district is crucial. While you focus on your children’s education, long distance movers DFW has can give you a hand with moving to Weatherford.

Books on the table in the school
Your kids will receive a good education and plenty of knowledge in Weatherford.

Educational Statistics

The number of high school graduates or equivalencies gained yearly is frequently used to rank a city’s educational system. A high school diploma or its equivalent indicates that a student has finished a foundational level of education and is prepared to continue their education or enter the workforce. For this reason, a city must have a higher-than-average high school graduation or equivalency rate than the country as a whole.

For several reasons, a college degree is significant in a city’s education rating. This is crucial because, according to data, workers with a college education are more likely to launch new companies and contribute to more jobs, both of which are advantageous for the community as a whole. Second, possessing a college degree shows that the city’s citizens have access to great educational possibilities. This is significant because it shows that city dwellers have access to top-notch education and training that can advance their jobs and enhance their quality of life. Last but not least, having a college degree shows that the city is dedicated to educating its citizens and assisting them in realizing their potential. Here are the educational statistics for different educational levels:

Educational statistics in Weatherford, TX and the entire state of Texas

If statistics seem favorable to you and you decide to move to Weatherford, interstate moving companies Texas offers have professionals that can help you do it without stress.


Weatherford is safe for you and your family if you want to relocate from the same country or abroad. Companies providing packing services DFW area depends on can do everything on your behalf if needed.  The city has a relatively low crime rate compared to other similar-sized cities, and there are many family-friendly activities available. In any metropolis, there are, however, some parts that are riskier than others. No city is entirely crime-free. Regardless, Weatherford is generally a safe place to work, live, and raise a family. The low crime rate and family-friendly activities in Weatherford make it a great location to live. You and your family will be relocating to a generally safe city if you’re considering moving to Weatherford.

Violent and property crimes are the two main categories of crime. The number of violent crimes like rape, aggravated assault, manslaughter, and murder is luckily not as high as in some other places. Property crimes like theft and arson also tend to be less frequent.

Crime rate in Weatherford, TX

Despite this, there are still numerous parts of the city where crime remains an issue. Local communities struggle to make areas safer since they are frequently the ones most impacted by crime. It’s critical to be informed of the data for your particular community because crime rates can vary significantly from one neighborhood to another.

Moving to Weatherford: Final Words

Weatherford and the surrounding region residents have year-round access to experiences in Texas, including river, bay, and ocean excursions, cultural activities of every type, sporting events, and government and historic buildings to tour, thanks to its excellent location and distinct seasons. Festivals, museums, restaurants, wineries, and sports arenas are all available. Lastly, moving to Weatherford makes sense because of its prime location and reasonable cost of living, which are imperative to a great lifestyle. With that in mind, we say do not wait; begin packing!



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