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Popular moving scams to avoid

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Before moving anywhere, you want to hire expert movers. However, not every moving company will have the best of your interests in mind. For that reason, knowing the most popular moving scams to avoid will be of great help. You want to ensure that only a trustworthy, quality Fort Worth moving company conducts your move. So what are the most popular ways scammers operate in the moving industry? Here are some of the many red flags you must watch out for.

Watch out for large deposits

Asking for deposits is not something illegal. However, you need to pay attention to details when you have a request to pay deposits. Usually, the best moving companies in the industry won’t require you to pay a deposit. For example, the local movers DFW will offer you precise moving quotes. That will help you with budgeting and creating a better moving plan. As we mentioned, deposits are not something too shady. However, be wary of large deposits. Those can be a huge red flag. So to avoid potential scams, we advise you not to go for companies that will ask for deposits from you.

A person counting money
Avoid companies that request large deposits.

Low estimates can be a red flag

Moving quotes are beneficial. That’s because those will help you create a budget for your move. A professional company will provide you with a total price breakdown. However, you need to pay attention to even the smallest details. If, for example, when requesting a moving estimate for your office move, you get provided with a low price, you need to be suspicious. Unrealistically low prices are a sign of a scam. A moving company is a business. They work to make money too. So too low of a quote doesn’t make sense and can be a good indicator of a potential scam. Instead, look for office movers Fort Worth TX residents recommend who can provide you with an affordable yet realistic moving estimate.

Frequent name changes are among the moving scams to avoid

Many places can help you find trustworthy and reliable moving companies. For example, you can check out the Better Business Bureau and look for top-rated and professional companies. However, you need to be aware of the companies that change their names often. Changing their name will circumvent the websites that monitor their work quality. In the best case, you will have a low-quality company if you pick a company that changes names. However, you will have to deal with scammers in the worst-case scenario.

The best way to check if a company is legitimate is by looking at the reviews. Read all the reviews that you can find, not only on their website but on other platforms as well. This way, you will see what people have to say about them. You will know if they are truly who they say they are or a fraud.

Don’t sign a sketchy contract

A contract is an essential part of the moving process. Above all, everything you sign will have a lot of importance from a legal standpoint. You want everything in writing to ensure you’re dealing with professionals. When you deal with expert long distance movers DFW, you will have an understandable moving contract in front of you. Knowing every detail of the contract and what you’ll get is important. And absolutely never sign a blank contract. That has scam written all over it, so make sure you never sign any blank checks.

A person writting about the moving scams to avoid
Blank contracts are one of the moving scams to avoid!

Too many additional fees can be an indication of a scam

Professional and reliable moving companies ensure to be as transparent as possible. Therefore, all the costs will be visible to you as a client. Everything will be analyzed beforehand, and you can be sure you’ll get a complete estimate of any additional service. Scammers will give you a price for a move that is too good to be true. They will use that to their advantage and charge you additional fees left and right. That’s why moving scams to avoid will be the ones where you have a lot of additional fees that seem too much. When talking to your company, get as much information about potential fees before committing to moving with them. 

A cash-only option is one of the moving scams to avoid

Even the methods of payment can be a big indicator of potential scams. That’s why it’s important to know how you can pay for the services of a moving company. It’s one of the most common options when it comes to relocations. However, it will open up a lot of space for scams. If a company requires you to pay in cash only, you might be dealing with scammers. Above all, professional moving companies will always offer you various payment options.

Choose licensed and insured movers to avoid moving scams

You must choose certified experts when picking a moving company. Hiring licensed, insured, and bonded movers will always be a great pick for you. This can give you peace of mind for stressful tasks such as moving. It’s always a good idea to check out the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website for licenses. But it will also be a place to file a complaint in case you have a bad experience in case of a bad moving experience.

a couple sitting on the couch
Hire licensed movers for the best moving experience!

Most moving companies are legitimate and want to offer the best possible services for their clients. Unfortunately, some people want to take advantage of your need for moving assistance and scam you. With the most popular moving scams to avoid we listed, we’re sure you will make it easier to choose a reliable company. Have the red flags on your mind when hiring a moving company, and you won’t find yourself in a difficult situation.



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