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Pros and cons of moving from Mansfield to Burleson

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You have been living on the outskirts of Dallas for so long. It is time for a change. You have decided that moving from Mansfield to Burleson is the right step for you, and even though this is a good decision, we are sad to see you go. Although, before you can settle in, you must do some research and cover a few moving-related steps. You should pack and search for movers Burleson TX has on time as well. So, let us help you organize this relocation and make it as easy as possible.

Things to know before moving from Mansfield to Burleson

Right off the bat, you must know that Mansfield is a bit safer than Burleson. The crime rate difference is 10% between these two locations. But this is the only downside of leaving Mansfield. For example, Burleson is more affordable, jobs are better paid, and real estate is favorable. The overall numbers are not that big of a difference, but still, it is an improvement. So, before you make any changes, research a bit, and compare the two locations. Focus on the specifics related to your job, your kid’s school, politics, religion, or anything else that can be a deal breaker.

Skyscrapers at night that you will undoubtedly see after moving from Mansfield to Burleson.
Real Estate is extremely favorable in Burleson, Texas.

Once you cover the ground, you can start packing and searching for movers Fort Worth is proud of. And again, do not spend any money or time before you are certain that Burleson is your final destination. Although, it might as well be, so let us point out the most important perks about this place.

Get ready for a big change

As a Mansfield resident, you probably already know that there is no shortage of malls, restaurants, coffee places, and things to do for fun. Both locations are the same. The only difference and a big one, to be honest, is the age disparity. Burleson has much younger residents, which you’ll notice as soon as you move in. Mansfield is growing rapidly, and new residential areas are popping up. But also, it became a popular destination for retirees.

Moreover, hospitals, private practices, and retirement homes are also expanding. For some people, this may look like a neighborhood for old people. At the same time, Burleson is an entirely different story. It is vibrant, and the majority of the population are families with children. This will be a big change in the community and the pace of living. And it is something to consider before contacting local movers DFW area boasts of and moving from Mansfield to Burleson. If you are a retiree, this place might be too fast and loud for you.

Burleson is affordable

Moving from Mansfield to Burleson will increase your yearly budget for sure. Everything is 10% cheaper than in Mansfield. This includes utilities, groceries, and commodities. As of now, Mansfield is 15% more expensive than the national average, while Burleson sits at a whopping 5%. When you do the math, you’ll realize that having to spend 10% less per month will open new possibilities for investments and savings. Not to mention that you can then easily prepare a moving budget as well. The good news is that moving services are affordable in this area. All in all, you’ll have an opportunity to raise your income and set aside a bit of money.

A man and a woman calculating the budget.
Moving to Burleson will increase your budget significantly.

The housing market is favorable as well

The big expansion in Mansfield led to the house market explosion. Prices skyrocketed and now are 45% higher than the national average. In contrast, we have 1% in Burleson at the moment. This means that renting and owning a property is much cheaper in Burleson. You can review your finances and the mortgage and even think about purchasing a new home once you relocate. Browse the local real estate market, and we are sure you will find something viable for your family. With cheap housing and affordable living, Burleson becomes a much better candidate than Mansfield, right?

You will have a ton of fun in Burleson

As we have already said, Burleson is much younger than Mansfield. This means there are more fun activities for people below the age of 40. There are more than enough clubs, restaurants, boutiques, parks, and playgrounds. You will have an abundance of family activities only if you have time for it. Check out Hidden Creek if you are into golf or visit Sunset Winery to learn about the wine-making process.

two friends laughing
You will have a ton of fun in Burleson with friends and family.

Mistletoe Hill Park is a place you’ll fall in love with and spend a lot of quality time with your kids.  Bailey Lake Park is for fishermen out there and for an occasional picnic. As for the food, you’ll be glad to hear that the food scene is exquisite. Try eating at Little Brother’s Pizza, Schlotzsky’s, or Taco Casa. All in all, Burleson is open to everyone, no matter what you are into. You’ll never get bored here, that’s for sure.

Prepare to move from Mansfield to Burleson

Ok, now that you have the important info on record, you can start preparing for the relocation. Check your home and make a list of all items you are relocating. Note down the furniture and belongings, and inspect stairs, corridors, and doors. Make sure there is nothing that can slow you down. Then, call movers Mansfield TX residents trust, and figure out which moving package is the best for you. Once movers provide a moving quote, set an appropriate budget, and go out to purchase packing materials. You’ll need a dozen cardboard boxes, some plastic bins, a bit of packing paper, and a higher quality adhesive tape. Pack and be ready at least a week before the moving date. This way, you will avoid last-minute mistakes and unnecessary stress.

Now that you are aware of all there is about both places, moving from Mansfield to Burleson will be easy. All you must know is that you are moving to a more affordable and younger environment. From there on, we are sure you’ll find your place. Start exploring as soon as you move in, and we are sure you will fall in love with this place shortly. Good luck.

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