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Why Is Moving to Euless a Good Idea?

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If you plan to move to Texas and want a fabulous place to live, consider Euless! With 61,000 residents, Euless is a small but growing city that many people choose to relocate to. Our movers, a part of the Moving Forward Group DFW relies on, have moved many people to the city. However, these facts alone aren’t enough to convince you to relocate to Euless. Why is moving to Euless a good idea, and who is this town suitable for? This article will highlight some of Euless’ main charms and points of interest, including the educational and work opportunities it provides. Besides that, we’ll mention why people move to Euless: its community, amenities, and quality of life. Last but not least, we’ll introduce you to Euless’ history, which is something you should definitely get familiar with before the move.

How Did Euless Come To Be and What Is It Like Today?

The city of Euless is a part of Texas’ Tarrant County and is also a suburb in the Dallas Fort Worth area. It may be hard to believe, but Euless exists because a couple purchased a piece of land and made their home there. To be more precise, the land they bought was South of Bear Creek: and the property ended up bearing the name of Elisha Adam’s husband, Euless. Where once was a barren land now lay the Euless’ home, a cotton gin, and the Grange Hall, a community school. The hall was later torn down in the 1900s after being used for a long time. The surrounding people and farmers began to thrive, so they named their community Euless after the man himself.

history books on a shelf
When moving to Euless, getting to know its history is a good thing to do.

As of the 21st century, Euless is still growing and prospering, with many people relocating to it. Our movers Euless TX relies on, have performed many moves in the city and surrounding area. The cost of living in Euless, TX, is surprisingly affordable. If the US average cost of living index is 100, Euless’ affordability scores 104. This number is slightly higher than the Texas average (94.2), but, for example, health and groceries in Euless are cheaper. The median home cost in Euless is $345,700, while in Texas, the number is around $297,600. With this information in mind, it’s not difficult to conclude why Euless is such a desirable place to move to. However, money and budgeting alone don’t determine whether you’re relocating somewhere or not: Euless has more to offer.

Moving to Euless Opens up Opportunities in Terms of Education, Employment, and Lifestyle

It’s no secret that people move to Euless because it’s perfect for families and young professionals. No matter how old you and your family members are, schools and job positions are plentiful in Euless. For starters, there are plenty of schools in Euless and the area (336 to be exact), both public and private, and for all ages. However, if you’re looking for schools in Euless only, you can choose between 33 schools to send your child to. In 2023, Euless has 15 public schools serving 11,084 students, with Central J High School and Harmony Science Academy being some of the best

schoolkids in a Euless school where education thrives, thus makking moving to Euless is a great idea
If your child’s education is essential, Euless is a good choice.

While it is a small place, Euless has decent job opportunities and is said to have business potential. Some reviewers on Niche claim that Euless doesn’t have much to offer from a retail and industrial perspective. However, that also means there’s plenty of space for smaller businesses to move to Euless and thrive here. Our office movers Fort Worth TX area has will gladly help move your equipment to a new office.

Jobs and schools aside, a move to Euless almost guarantees an active lifestyle. The Euless Family Life Center is the city’s go-to destination for outdoor activities. Euless also offers the Senior Center for adults and people of age who are looking to stay active. Before you move to Euless, pack your outdoor equipment, as there are over 600 acres of parks and hiking trails. Regardless of your age, Euless is a great city to move to and live in.

Living in Euless Comes With a Few More Perks

Before you hire local movers DFW area residents always hire, consider a few more things about Euless. The community and proximity to other places are Euless’ strong points. Most people living in Euless describe the place as quiet and safe and consider the Euless community-friendly. Besides the affordability, Euless is right between Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth yet maintains its quaint atmosphere. There are many transportation options: DART, Trinity Metro, TexRail, and TRE are all good options for commuting to and from Euless, and there’s the DFW airport. After relocating, you’ll be met with the friendly, diverse, and grounded Euless community. Because it’s in the suburbs and isn’t big, your best bet after the move is to get to know the locals, as the people of Euless are pretty close-knit.

diverse group of people doing a fistbump
You’ll feel welcome once you get to know the Euless community.

Now’s the time to go over everything and answer the question: why is moving to Euless a good idea? For starters, Euless has a rich and exciting history and doesn’t let go of it. Euless keeps growing but preserves its past, and its affordability allows new people to move in and live comfortably. The Euless school system is excellent, and the business and employment opportunities are waiting to be tested. Euless has plenty to offer to those who move in, an active lifestyle, a great community, and ease of access. All in all, Euless shows that great things, indeed, do come in small packages. If you want to move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, consider Euless as your new home and Maximus Moving & Delivery DFW as your movers.



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